Despite the duplicate checking tools available, inevitably you will find some duplicates on your system from time to time: whether its from slightly misspelled names or new email addresses, duplicates will occur.

Therefore, being able to manage your duplicate records by merging, allows you to keep your database clean & easier to use. Follow these steps to help merge your records: 

  • 1. Click into the Candidate area

  • 2. Click the “Reports” button within the eploy toolbar

  • 3. Select “Find Duplicates” from the list of Report Types, and then click on “Open

  • 4. A pop-up window will appear displaying the “Duplicate checking options”. Select the criteria for defining duplicate records. Selecting First name, Surname and Email is usually comprehensive. Click on “View count” for a calculation of the number of Duplicate records on your database, based on the duplicate checking options selected.  Once you are happy with the resulting number of records – Click on “Show” to load the records in the main window.   

  • 5. The results will be displayed in the main Eploy window listed in the order selected in the “Sort By:” option. This is usually set to “Surname” by default.

  • 6. Click into one of the duplicate records, and then click into the “Personal Details” tab.


  • There will be a flag against the field containing the duplicated information (highlighted below). Click on the “Merge” link. 

  • 7. A popup window will then launch, displaying the duplicate records and duplicate checking options.

  • a. You can click on the “Surname” to view the candidate records in the main eploy window. You then need to decide which record to set as the “Master”. The Master record will be the one which remains after the merge. All the information from the “other” record(s) will be imported into the master record. 
  • b. The master record will typically be – the record with the most up to date information. The master record is always the one sat at the top. To select another record as the Master Record – simply click on the “Select as Master” link and the record you have chosen will “flip” to the top of the list.
  • c. Once you have decided on which record you want to set as the “Master” – Tick the selection box(s) of the records you want merged.
  • d. Then click on “Next


    1. T8. he pop up window will then display a check list of all the Information that will be merged during this process. If you DON’T want a particular type of information merged, simply un-check the selection box next to the description. Once you are happy with the selection click on the “Merge” Button.

    1. 9. A Popup will appear asking if you are sure that you want to delete the duplicate records after merging them. Click on “OK

    1. 10. Finally, a summary page will appear, listing all the data that has been successfully merged. 



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